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The P Visa

The P Visa is divided into the following categories -

P-1 Visa, for an athlete or members of an athletic team, and members of an entertainment group.

P-2 Visa, for artists and entertainers in exchange programs.

P-3 Visa, for culturally unique artists and entertainers coming to the US. solely to perform, teach or coach under a culturally unique program.

P-4 Visa, for dependents such as a spouse and/or unmarried children under 21 years of the primary P visa holder.

P Visa holders are admitted to the US according to the duration of a specific event or performance.Therefore, compiling a detailed schedule of events is important because the longer the schedule of events, the longer the admission will be.

This visa is set aside for foreign athletes who compete individually or as part of a team at an internationally recognized level, and foreign entertainers who perform with or are an integral or essential part of the performance by the entertainment group that has received international recognition for a sustained and substantial period of time.

With respect to entertainers, athletes and athletic teams, the USCIS requires that a visa application or petition must be accompanied by evidence that the entertainment group or athletic team has received international recognition in the specif entertainment field or sport.

Before a petition can be approved by the USCIS for P classification, an advisory opinion from a labor organization with expertise in the applicant's specif field must be submitted. Following approval of the petition, the foreign national or nationals must take the petition approval notice to a US consulate to apply for P visas permitting admission to the US. Once admitted, the visa holders must not perform services separate and apart from the entertainment group or athletic team.