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Immigration fraud, how serious is this?

Immigration fraud undermines the integrity of the immigration system and may threaten national security, and therefore is vigioriously pursued and punished by the authorities.

There are many examples of immigration, the most common one being marriage fraud, where the couple enter a sham marriage with the specific intent and purpose of obtaining an immigration benefit for one of the spouses. Or in the case of fraudulently obtained U-visas intended for victims of serious crimes, where the applicant lies about a non-existing crime to obtain the visa.

Also, counterfeiting or altering documents relating to immigration matters. Another example is foreign labor contracting where a U.S.employer in advertising for workers abroad to work in the U.S. is dishonest about any aspect of the work arrangement or conditions.

The consequences of committing immigration fraud are serious for the perpetrators. Fines and prison time can be substantial. The maximum fine for entering a fraudulent marriage is $250.000.00 for both spouses and prison time. If the fraud was committed to facilitate international terrorism or involving a visa which facilitates drug trafficking, the prison sentence is over 20 years.