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Green Cards - Employment Based 

While the United States has always been one of he most popular destinations for people moving from their home countries to work abroad, it is not easy to legally immigrate here.

Would-be immigrants must obtain visas to enter the US., and these are sometimes difficult to secure. The best way f getting int the US is by having a job offer from a US based employer, who will sponsor the immigrant for a work visa, whether it is a temporary visa, such a a H-1B or a permanent resident green card.

However, such visas are issued only in certain limited circumstances. They are limited to people who have skills required n the US., members of professions with a minimum of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college, people who in the previous three years have been employed for at least one year in a management or executive capacity by a firm with operations in the US and wish to continue working for that company in the US., or someone with an “exceptional ability” in business, the arts or sciences who will “substantially benefit the national economy, cultural, educational or welfare interests f the US.” An offer of employment or labor certification is not a requirement for this latter category, which also includes foreign nationals who are professors and researchers who have received international recognition in their field and who have been offered full time teaching or research positions. Also, multinational executives or managers who have been employed in executive or managerial capacities with the sponsoring employer for a minimum of one year in the three years preceding their application, and who will continue to work for the sponsoring employer, subsidiary or affiliate. For a member of the professions holding advanced degrees, labor certification (P.E.R.M.) and an employment offer are necessary. A profession can apply to any of the job descriptions - architect, engineer, lawyer, doctor, scientist, pharmacist, designer and so on.

To be considered a “professional” for immigration purposes, the person must possess a level of specialized training, instruction and experience which is usually required as a result of advanced education. The attainment of a university degree, usually a baccalaureate degree o its equivalent, is normally considered a minimum prerequisite to be considered a member of the professions. Some professions require more advanced degrees such as a masters or a PHD.

One of the most targeted destinations for foreign graduates is Silicone Valley, the IT mecca in California. Permanent residency can be obtained through a US based employer by filing Form I-140 and supporting documents with the USCIS.