How can I be represented in court?

When fighting a deportation/removal case in immigration court, having an attorney to represent you is essential. In fact it often makes the difference between whether you are allowed to remain in the United States, or be deported back to your home country, and permanently separated from family.

Unfortunately, the responsibility is on the immigrant to retain his or her own attorney, as an attorney will not be assigned by the immigration court to represent the immigrant, as is the case in criminal courts.

Immigrants without legal representation are more likely to be detained, and less likely to be released. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have legal representation in immigration court, because this will lead to better outcomes and increases the likelihood of winning the case.

Our attorneys are familiar with a wide range of defenses available to individuals facing deportation and how to build the strongest defense available based on the evidence presented.

We know Federal immigration law, and have the experience to guide and advocate on your behalf throughout the case, leading to a successful conclusion.