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Deportation & Removal

Any person who is not a US Citizen can be deported from the United States.  Non permanent residents can be deported if they entered he US. without inspection, or without a valid visa or passport. Similarly in the event that they entered legally with a visa, but overstayed the period of time authorized to remain in the US.

The most common reason for a legal permanent resident or green card holder to be deported o removed from the US is if a serious crime, or felony, is committed by the resident. Every year, thousands of immigrants, including many legal permanent residents are placed under deportation/removal

Proceedings because of criminal offenses, even for minor offenses committed many years ago. These crimes are classified as "aggravated felonies" and "crimes of moral turpitude". Examples of crimes which render the accused removable from the US include firearms offenses, dug trafficking, murder,

Manslaughter, robbery, crimes of domestic violence, aggravated assault, marriage fraud, rape and sexual crimes, multiple criminal convictions, prostitution, false claim  US citizenship, failed asylum applications, and many more. The list is endless, even a minor misdemeanor shoplifting offense can be grounds for removal.

Upon arrest, conviction and imprisonment for the crime, the case is brought to the attention of the USCIS authorities, and the person is detained pending removal proceedings, which occur after serving the sentence for the crime.

A removal/deportation hearing is held before an immigration judge. However, this does not necessarily mean that a deportation will be ordered when no serious crime has been committed. A permanent resident can apply for "Cancellation of Removal” or “Adjustment of Status” reliefs. A removable alien who is the spouse, parent or child of a US citizen may apply for this relief.

Therefore, in view of the harsh immigration laws presently in force, it is vital that you are represented by competent, experienced and knowlegeable immigration counsel when attending a removal/deportation hearing in immigration court. This firm will provide you with thie expert representation.